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The media and language development

The media represents a major channel in information dissemination. The amount of information available to the public in today’s world is arguably more than what anyone can get within the four walls of an educational institution. That tells you just how much influence the media holds in a given society.

The media through its various channels help to shape opinions having informed the mind on a particular matter while creating mass awareness.

It is therefore only natural for the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN) to strengthen partnership with media personnel as it seeks to promote African languages for the integration and development of the continent.

The Academy is currently holding a workshop with media and communication experts from the African Union member states. Going forward the workshop will help shed more light on the activities of the Academy thus providing it with the platform to fulfill its mandate. The workshop will also help the media practitioners familiarize with the terminologies and orthographies of African languages with the view of integrating them into the media space.


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