African Academy of Languages
African Union


Overall objectives:

  1. To promote and develop the use of African languages in general and vehicular cross-border languages in particular, in partnership with the former colonial languages;
  2. To promote functional multilingualism, especially at the education sector;
  3. To ensure the development of African languages as a factor of African integration and development.

Specific objectives:

  1. To establish its two working structures: Vehicular Cross-border Language Commissions (VCLC) and National Language Structures (NLS) as national focal points in the Member States of the African Union.
  2. To accompany the Ministers of Education and of Culture of the African Union Member States in the revamping of the system of education in Africa.
  3. To technically assist Member States of the African Union in the formulation and implementation of national language policies.
  4. To assist in the implementation of the Charter for the African Cultural Renaissance and of the Language Plan of Action for Africa
  5. To collaborate with the regional institutions of language and oral tradition such as:

® The African Union’s Centre of Linguistic and Historical Studies through Oral Tradition (CELHTO);

® The International Centre for Research and Documentation on African Traditions and Languages (CERDOTOLA);

® The Eastern African Centre for Research on Oral Tradition and National Languages (EACROTANAL),

® The International Centre for Bantu Civilisation, (CICIBA)…