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Dr Ojo Babajide: Driving African language developmental programmes

African Academy of Languages (ACALAN) is an organ of African Union committed to the development of African languages as tools of African integration and development. ACALAN has made giant strides in promoting African languages in recent times through porgrammes that have been carefully drafted to help achieve the loft goals of the Academy.

The Senior Programme & Project Officer of (ACALAN), Dr. Babajide Ojo holds a position that is so critical to the effective functioning of ACALAN. He is charged with developing programmes that will trigger Africa’s rapid integration and sustainable development by promoting unity, solidarity, cohesion and cooperation among the peoples of Africa through effective promotion of our national languages.

With Dr. Ojo spearheading ACALAN’s programmes and projects, the Academy have developed six(6) core programmes around which it has built its developmental plans for the various Africa national languages.

Dr. Ojo amongst other things assists the Executive Secretary to monitor and evaluate staff performance to ensure that everyone is pulling together in the same direction knowing full well that the contributions of every staff is essential for the swift attainment of the Academy’s mission.

He also drafts projects on training programmes and capacity building of ACALAN to ensure everyone is equipped and able to carry out their various duties effectively.

The Senior Programmes & Project officer handles administrative and managerial issues, he anticipates possible logistics hiccups ahead of the Academy’s workshops and meetings and addresses them accordingly before they constitute major problems to the smooth running of operations.

That African languages are beginning to get the recognition and relevance they rightly deserve only help to highlight the fact that ACALAN through its various developmental programmes is doing something right. Thus it is only appropriate to accord the Dr. Ojo, the Senior Programme and Project Officer a little pat on the back.

And with that being said a lot is still been expected as far development of our national languages is concerned especially as it is an essential component in driving African integration and sustainable



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