African Academy of Languages
African Union


ACALAN’s core projects are:

  1. Linguistic Atlas for Africa (LAA).

® To produce precise knowledge about the number of African languages, their interrelations and dialectical variations.

  1. Pan-African Master’s and PhD Programme in African Languages and Applied Linguistics (PANMAPAL)

® To train qualified linguists, language professionals, educators and other practitioners to become specialists in African languages.

  1. Pan-African School for Translation and Interpretation (PASTI).

® To Train young Africans in the profession of translation and interpretation so as to enable African languages become true working languages and languages of instruction in a multilingual context.

  1. Terminology and Lexicography (TLP).

® To train dictionary compilers and terminology developers; and provide research, support, counsel services in these fields in the major African languages.

  1. Stories Across Africa (SAA).

® To produce anthologies of stories for children to enjoy in their own languages as a means of instilling the culture of reading in them.

  1. African Languages and the Cyberspace (ALC).

® To promote African languages in the cyberspace and apply Human Language Technologies to them.