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No society can effectively develop without the language(s)of its people- ACALAN Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary of the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN), Dr Lang Fafa Dampha, has called for strong collaboration between the media and other components of the society in the drive to promote the use of African languages.

“No society can develop effectively, sustainably, without the language(s) of the people of the society in question,” he highlighted, pointing out that the media has vital roles of disseminating information, which influence public opinion.

Dr Dampha madethe remarks during the workshop organized by ACALAN to facilitate media partnership with ACALAN to sustain and promote the use of African languages in the media sector and other domains of society.

Dr Dampha indicated that the progress made so far was a source of hope for the achievement of the ACALAN mission and vision. He based this on the statistics of the outcomes of the activitiesof 2018 to support his claims. He is of the strong view that the participatory role of the media as a sure link to the people in all facets of life is a factor to take seriously.

He concluded by urging the participants and the entire media industry in Africa to sustain the momentum already generated.


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