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Prof. Beban Chumbow challenges new language commissions to help realise AU dreams
Dec 25, 2018

President of the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN) Assembly of Academician, Prof. Beban Chow has charged the newly established Arabic, Sango and Isizulu language commissions to promote their various languages thereby helping to actualize the dreams of the African Union.

He gave the charge at the just concluded ACALAN operational and planning workshop which was held in Kigali.

Prof. Beban Chumbow thanked all participants for your patience, openness and hard work during the discussions. He said, “we have treasured all your observations, you have highlighted your priorities and your commissions have been duly constituted with you as members and some of you as coordinators and some as secretary of the various commissions. So it seems to me that you are ready to run the race for which you have been called on and we are wishing you the very best.

“You know the terms of reference of your commissions. We therefore count on you to produce the something good in order the advance the course of the promotion of our languages towards the accomplishment of the dream of the African Union to ensure that our languages are institutionalized, instrumentalized, used as instrument of science and technology, and used to bring knowledge to our people in all the domains.

“With this, may the new year, 2019 bring us a lot of success in all our endeavours, I wish you merry Christmas and the best new year.”



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