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ACALAN to hold consultative workshop with media practitioners
Dec 27, 2018

As part of efforts aimed at fulfilling its mandate of empowering and promoting African languages, the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN) has scheduled a meeting with media practitioners in the AU member states.

The meeting is expected to hold from 27th to 28th December in Kigali. The workshop will be looking to exposing the media practitioners to the recently harmonized writing system of the Vehicular Cross-border Languages and on building info graphic and multimedia contents for ACALAN’s online TV and other social media to enhance its visibility in the member states and in the diasporas.

This is expected to help media and communication practitioners to properly integrate terminologies and the orthographies of African Languages effectively in information dissemination it will also help bridge the gap between ACALAN – which is the language agency of the African Union and the media.

The meeting is expected to map out strategies for cooperation and synergy creation between Vehicular Cross-border Language Commissions and the Media Houses in view of using African languages in the media and equip media practitioners to effectively implement the recommendations of the workshops on the harmonization of Vehicular cross-border languages. It will also hope to commission digital content developers for ACALAN’s online TV and other media platforms to promote the activities of the Academy.

The workshop is expected to have in attendance Heads of government media structures in the member states of the African Union including digital media content developers, members of the ACALAN’s National Structures and Vehicular Cross-border Language Commissions in the member states concerned, representatives of the Assembly of Academicians in East Africa, resource persons and staff of ACALAN Secretariate.



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